Thursday, September 15, 2016

Venezuela Food Crisis: A Warning to the World

Do you have food security?  You should. It is easy to do.  Just purchase a few extra of what you normally buy every time you go to the store.  Soon, you will have a week's worth of extra food, then two week's worth. Once you have a few month's worth of food in your pantry, you will be ready for most of what you may face when hard times come your way.

By the title of this article, you are probably thinking that most of the world doesn't live in Venezuela, and these are normal times in the USA so why should I bother with food storage. 

But, are these normal times? Even though it started out that way in Venezuela, I think we can all say that no one considers it 'normal' in Venezuela any more! Those people are starving. 

I received this article in my email from Emergency Essentials. It is a good one. I encourage you to read it. (Full disclosure: I purchase some of my food storage from them on a regular basis  - their food is REALLY good!) 

Here are a few other articles I wrote on starting and managing a food storage program.

If you don't have any food storage, I strongly encourage you to start. You don't want to be dependent on the government in times of crisis. If you have a food storage program at your house, you may want to increase the number of days you can feed your family without going to the store. It sure brings peace of mind!

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