Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Look What I Picked Today!

I believe it is time to start making tomato sauce!

These won't last long, we will have them for dinner soon!

The corn has a lot more drying to do.  I have given up my dining room table until they are ready to store. I got 42 full ears and about 10 more half ears. (The half ears did not have full pollination.) Most of this will be popped for popcorn.  The rest will be used to make cornmeal (my husband loves cornbread).

The cotton looks really good! Not all the bolls have opened yet, but you can see some at the bottom that have opened. I haven't picked any yet but will before the week is over. (I will write a series of posts on how to turn it into yarn once I have picked enough.)

I I also picked 7 summer squash. (I forgot to take a picture before I cut them up to dry.)

In addition, I have started the fall garden.  Where the corn was, I have planted carrots. I will put the peas in soon.  When the green beans are finished, I will put in garlic and onions too.

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