Meet My Family

I am very proud of my family! All of the people shown in the header of this blog are members of my family.  I have labeled the pictures for easy reference, they correspond to the numbers below.

Let me introduce you!

  1. The picture in the center is of my great-great grandparents, Vincenzo Langone and Elizabetta De Paolo.  Their daughter is in picture number 12.
  2. The picture directly above my great-great grandparents is of my father (on the left) and my uncle, Tom.  My uncle was a police officer killed in the line of duty. He married my father's sister.
  3. Moving clockwise, the little girl is a my aunt, Rita. She is my father's sister.
  4. The group of three children is my grandmother and her siblings. My grandmother Louise, and her sister Rose, were very close. Their brother is named Frank.
  5. The handsome man in this picture is my grandfather, John.
  6. The lady sitting in the chair is my great-grandmother, Mary. Mary is my grandfather's mother.
  7. Quite a few of my family members worked at a small garage before World War I. A few of them are standing in front of the garage. You can see my grandmother, Louise; my grandfather, John; and my grandfather's brother, great-uncle Joe.
  8. This is a picture of my grandmother's brother, Frank, in his World War I uniform.
  9. This is my grandfather's brother, Joe. This picture of Joe was taken in 1900 when Joe was five years old.
  10. The two ladies in the small picture are my grandfather's sisters. Jennie is on the right and Tessie is wearing the hat.
  11. The couple with the small baby is my great-great aunt, Giovanna and great-great uncle, Dominic. Dominic is my great-grandfather's brother. The baby is my grandmother's cousin, Ida.
  12. The couple in this picture is my great-grandmother, Rosary and great-grandfather, Francesco. They are my grandmother's parents.
  13. The couple in this picture are my great-aunt, Margaret and great-uncle, Joe. This is their wedding picture. They were married in 1919.
  14. The five people in this picture were spending a wonderful summer day in Central Park, New York in 1918. Clockwise from the upper left, my grandfather's sister Jennie; my grandmother Louise; my grandfather's sister, Tessie; my great-uncle, Harvey (he is Jennie's husband) and my grandmother's sister, Rose.
  15. This is one more picture of my grandmother's sister, Rose. Aunt Rose and I shared the same birthday - except I was born a few minutes after midnight and she was born a few minutes before so my birthday is one day after hers!
  16. This last picture is of my grandparents, my aunt and my father. My father is the baby on the right. He is being held by my grandfather's brother, Edward.

Families Are Forever!