Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cleaning the Non-Electric Way

The anti-viral medicine I am on for Shingles makes me foggy and unable to concentrate well. (The warning label on the pill bottle says not to drive - no problem! Being contagious, where would I go?) So it doesn't surprise me that while I was in the refrigerator looking for something, I accidentally dropped the box of baking soda that was in there to absorb odors. Of course it split open; all over the floor and a small rug I have in front of the refrigerator door.

I was too tired to pull out the vacuum and too sore to beat the rug outside with my rug beater. (You do have a rug beater, don't you? You can see mine here.) My Hokey rug sweeper came to the rescue!

First, I used a broom to sweep up the baking soda from the floor and then swept the rug. (Did you know you can get a lot of dirt off a rug just by sweeping it with a broom?) Then I took the rug outside to shake it. While this did the trick for 90% of the problem, I still had a spot in the middle of the rug where the box broke open.

A few swipes with my Hokey and the problem was solved!

While the Hokey was really designed to pick up crumbs and other small objects (not powders), I think it did a very good job on the baking soda. I am satisfied until I have the energy to either beat it clean or pull out my vacuum. 

I often use my Hokey to pick up dog hair, dirt as well as leaf & grass clippings brought in on wet paws, and crumbs that found their way to the floor after dinner. It is a very handy tool to have!

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