Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beautiful Easter Blooms!

Happy Easter Everyone!

 While I still have about 6 - 8 weeks left on my project and unfortunately until it is over, I do not have time to blog regularly, I wanted to show you the beautiful blooms God has blessed me with this Easter.

For the first one, I must say that I have been nurturing this bulb since October!  It should have bloomed at Christmas!  I it my Amaryllis.  It didn't bloom at Christmas this year and I was wondering all this time what the problem was.  I did everything correctly.  Well, what God was telling me was I had to be patient!  The plant decided to bloom at Easter this year!  And since the flowers are pink, I think it is a perfect time to bloom!

The plant is on my fireplace mantel where I hope to look at it for many days to come.

The next plant I was blessed with having blooms, is my Christmas cactus.  It did bloom at Christmas, but I guess it wasn't finished for the year.

The third plant was a gift from my Visiting Teacher from Church.

I hope you enjoy this glorious day and have beautiful blooms of your own to decorate your house!