Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Vacuum? No Problem!

6 Month Update

As many of you may know, my vacuum died about 6 months ago. I decided to go without one for one year to try to understand just how my great-great-grandmothers managed to keep their houses clean.

I am pleased to say that I have not felt deprived. I really don't miss the vacuum. At times it does get exasperating. There are times I do think, "It would be so easy to just run the vacuum over this and be done with it." Fortunately, those times are rare! 

Beating the rugs does take extra time I could be doing something else. However, I like beating my rugs. They get super clean that way! I believe I get more of Molly's hair off the rugs when I beat them, as compared to using the vacuum. Now to be honest, my 6 months of no vacuuming have been during the warm, summer months. I may feel differently beating the rugs outside in the winter. I will let you know when the time comes!

I really think the reason I don't miss the vacuum has been my Hoky PR3000. Daily, I am amazed at how well it works - on both the carpet and the floors! It even works on my rag rugs!

Although I really love the Hoky, I will admit I give my broom and dust mop a workout as well. And let me also say that it is possible to use a broom on carpet! I do it all the time and it works! At the end of my year without a vacuum, I may find that I really am not keeping the wall-to-wall carpet clean at all. Thankfully, Molly doesn't spend a lot of time in the rooms with carpet so we are managing quite well for now. I haven't seen an increase in her allergies since the vacuum broke. That is my main concern. Plus, the carpets and rugs look and feel clean (to my feet). No one who comes over to my house can tell that I don't have a vacuum! (Well, my neighbors can because they see me outside beating the rugs.)

I will say that the key to not having a vacuum is daily sweeping. When I was canning all the apples, I didn't always sweep daily. It does matter! It takes significantly longer to clean the floors if you don't do it daily!

So for now, my experiment will continue! I will post more updates at the 9 month mark!

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