Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Emergency Space Heater and Other Emergency Preparedness Information

I frequently read the blog The Parsimonious Princess. Recently, Heather listed some links to emergency preparedness information including instructions on how to make an emergency space heater! This is so cool! It is inexpensive to make and can serve as both heat and light (if needed) in an emergency.

It does use an open flame so you really need to use common sense with it and keep the area clear of anything that could catch fire. I liked the idea of an emergency space heater, so I thought I would post the link.

Canned Heat: How to Make an Emergency Heater

Heather also posted some additional links to emergency preparedness information that I thought was quite helpful. You can see that post here.

I also have a friend who's daughter is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for her ward (church congregation) and she has started an emergency preparedness blog! It is full of great information! She talks about cooking with food storage, canning, getting out of debt, how to plan for an emergency evacuation of your home, emergency car care kits and much more!

Prepare Every Needful Thing

Winter is coming and if you don't have emergency car care kits in case you get stuck in the snow or a home plan of what to do when the electricity goes out, now it is the time to make them!

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