Monday, October 14, 2013

I Need a New Winter Coat

I really do! I was going to get one last year, but never did. It is a good thing that last winter was so mild, no coat was needed. The coat I need is not an everyday coat, I need one for church and wearing with other 'dressy' clothes. The one I had fell apart, it was about 20 years old.  (I do have a 'jeans' coat that I got at Walmart about 15 years ago, it is still going strong. However, it is not appropriate to wear to church.)

If you have been a long time reader, you will know that I set goals for myself every year. One of this year's goals was to make some new clothes. I can't remember when I last bought any, maybe seven or eight years ago. Well, that didn't happen. My year was super busy with extra work I didn't plan on, and then, being sick for six weeks unable to do many projects. So here it is, nearing the end of October and I still don't have a coat. It is important that I get one this year, all the weather reports say we are going to have a wet, cold winter. (Well, wet and cold for the south. People who live in Buffalo, NY would laugh at our winters here.)

The problem is, I don't want to spend a lot of money. I have no idea how much coats cost, but I am sure it is too much. I also want a really nice one. Someone at church recommended that I go to Goodwill or a consignment shop. If I look around, I could find a really nice used one. Another problem I have is I hate shopping. I mean really hate it! I don't even like going to the grocery store. The thought of spending hours going from store to store does not thrill me. 

So what am I going to do? I am determined to make the coat myself. This solution really suits me because my idea of fashion is about 100 years out of date. I don't have to search and search to find something that is available now. I can get exactly what I want. I chose a pattern of the Model T Duster coat. This pattern is made by Folkwear.

The Model T Duster coat was worn at the turn of the century when the horseless carriage was first invented. All they had back then were dirt roads and they got very dusty! So did anyone traveling on them! This coat was designed to protect their clothes from the dust. Both men and women wore Model T Dusters. I am sure my great-grandmother had one!

Typically this coat was not lined. They were not designed to be elegant. I am going to modify the pattern and add a lining. I want mine to look elegant! I am going to need to make it fairly quickly because winter is coming. (A coat will be needed by mid-December here.) So I had to find fabric that I liked.

We have JoAnn Fabric stores here and I get their coupons in the mail. I got a coupon for 50% off of a regularly priced item and timed it to go during a sale. (For those that don't know, JoAnn Fabrics always runs sales. I think the idea of a permanent 'sale' is in their business model.) Anyway, I went to see if they had any wool that would be suitable for a coat. I found a gorgeous light weight wool in gray with a light gray fabric for a lining!

Now, comes the hard part. I have to make it. Hopefully, it will turn out as elegant as I envision it! 

I will post updates as soon as I have something to show!

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