Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Homesteading 101

It is popular today to want to live a self-sufficient life style and get back to a more simple way of living. I know people who tell me that they wish they could purchase property out in the country and then they would start to live a self-sufficient life. Many say that they have so many things going on right now, they can't possibly do it. It turns into a 'someday' plan.

I have a different point of view about homesteading. I would also like to have some property out in the country so I can have chickens and a cow. (I will truly consider myself 'arrived' when I can have my own cow!) Right now I live on a small lot in a neighborhood that does not permit animal husbandry. Does that mean I shouldn't even try? Heavens, no! As I said, I have a different point of view about homesteading!

To me, homesteading is a frame of mind. It is approaching life from a self-sufficient, frugal point of view. It is a journey, not a destination, and you can do it no matter where you live. Start small and grow from there. Ideas like eating at home more often, growing some simple vegetables in a pot, or thinking of a way to reuse something instead of throwing it out will all start you on a homesteading journey.

Lehman's has a blog called Lehman's Country Life that I read every so often. Last week they ran a post on their blog called Homesteading Wherever You Live: Part I and Homestead Wherever You Live: Part II that gives lots of ideas on what you can do if you want to be a bit more self-sufficient.  

Each year at our house, we challenge ourselves to live on less money then we did the year before. To make that happen, I have to get creative and find new ways to be frugal and self-sufficient. I can honestly tell you that having the attitude that I must '"use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" goes a long way towards living a homesteading life-style! 

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