Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be Content With Less

Living frugally is a mindset, although sometimes you have no choice. Money doesn't go as far as it use to a few years ago.  Think about past generations, how frugal did they have to be? Did our great-grandparents have all the fancy 'conveniences' we have? So, how frugal can you be? Do you really need all the latest electronic gadgets?

I say "NO!" It is time to start being content with less. I found an article at Frugally Sustainable that gives some ideas on how to change your mindset: 10 Ways to Live in Contentment and Have Enough .

I think an easy place to start is by being content with what you have. Then you can go from there, before the world economy forces us all to do so!

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  1. Just found your blog - liking it so far, but just found it so need to keep nosing around here:) On living frugally: living simply is the same thing. Last year, I cleaned to the corners! My motto was If I have to dust it, I don't want it. It's amazing the 'stuff' we acquire - even in the pantry. Donate it before it goes bad. So much easier when you know just what you have and don't have all the clutter.
    Great Post,


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