Monday, March 25, 2013

Garden Update

I have not been pleased with our weather for the past few weeks, it has been consistently inconsistent. It seems more like January weather instead of March weather. This is having a huge impact on my garden. It has taken more time than normal to get anything to germinate. My fear is that it will go from cold to hot without enough warm days for me to get a good harvest!

This is what I planted:
Garlic - Garlic is doing better than anything else. That is because it is planted in the fall here and will be harvested sometime around June. Here is a picture of mine.

Peas - The peas are up! But only barely.  Normally they are a few inches tall by now. Here is a picture of mine.

Carrots - Nothing yet. Carrots are very erratic when germinating. Even under very good conditions, they can take up to three weeks to germinate. Less than good conditions and you will have a very long wait! I planted hybrids that can take a bit of our hot weather, so I expect to get something later in the spring. However, if they don't make an appearance soon, I think the carrots will be on the small size when I harvest.
Spinach: My spinach is starting to make an appearance. Spinach is a quick grower so I know I will harvest quite a bit before the hot weather comes. Here is a picture of mine.

Broccoli - Nothing yet. I may have to resort to buying seedings at the big box store! (Boy, do I hate the thought of that!!) If they don't make an appearance, we could decide to just do without until fall. I am debating with myself on what to do here. 
Onions - The few sets I have are off and running. The seeds have not made an appearance yet. Here is a picture of one of my onion sets.

The summer seedlings are doing well. Generally, they can go in the garden at the end of April/beginning of May. I am not sure if that time frame will work this year. I definitely have to put them in bigger pots soon to keep them healthy.

I am praying for consistently warm, sunny weather soon!

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