Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Princess!

It seems to me that I just brought her home last year! But alas, I took this picture almost 11 years ago! It was her first night at our home and she kept me up all night. She finally fell asleep at 9:00 am the next day and I snapped this picture.

My husband and I have had some wonderful times with Molly! She is the best dog we have ever had. We did something different with this one, we followed the guidance from Cesar Millan, (the Dog Whisperer). I have two of his books and am a fan of his TV show. It made a huge difference in Molly's behavior! (as compared to the other dogs we had in the past.) She is the sweetest girl, does what I tell her to do and likes to play jokes on us!

Sometimes I scratch my head at her antics!

I don't think we even had her a month when she climbed up on her daddy (OK, I helped her get up on the couch) and fell asleep.

Happy Birthday to 'the baby'!  We have had almost 11 great years together! I am hoping for many, many more!

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