Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do you have an Emergency Car Kit?

For the past month, over in the featured post, I have featured articles about how to create & update an emergency car kit. Since winter is coming, I wanted to mention one last time how important it is to have a kit in your car. Take it from me, you will use it!

Just last week, I had a situation that required me to dig into my emergency car kit. I wouldn't call what happened 'an emergency' situation, but a situation none the less. My car kit came to the rescue!

Anyone who lives where it snows regularly, should definitely have one. What would happen if you got stuck in your car in the snow? Do you have snacks for the kids? Do you have warm blankets? Do you have any food for the dog? (I do not have food for my princess, but I make sure there are snacks that don't have chocolate in them that she could eat if it became necessary. I do carry water for her.) 

Do you have extra towels and hand wipes in case you are stuck in the rain or mud? My husband and I had a tire blow out on I-75 in North Florida once. It happened just after a hurricane, and the ground was very muddy. Our truck tires weight over 100 lbs each. It takes two people to change a tire. (Well when you are older, it sure does!) My husband and I were both covered in mud by the time we were done. The towels, hand wipes and a change of clothes were very necessary that day!

You don't need to go out an purchase new items to fill your kit. Mine features old blankets, old towels (some people may consider them rags), and old clothes that may be stained or have a spot or two of paint on them.

If you are creating an emergency car kit from scratch and need some ideas on what to put in it, check out the featured post on the left. However, tailor your emergency car kit to your family and your family's needs. My kit won't look like yours - and that is OK. I am not using your kit - you are. 

If you get stuck somewhere this winter, you will sure be glad you have it!

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