Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Light Fixtures? Yes! Light Bulbs? No!

I don't turn the lights on at my house. There really isn't any need because I have lots of windows that let in natural light. At night, if I really need to see, I will grab a flashlight. My husband has the opposite view point. He tells me he likes living in the 21st century. He likes the convenience of lights coming on when you flip a switch. He has been spending more time at home lately (always a good thing!) and less time on the road for work so what happened next was inevitable.

Last night, he asked me where I store the light bulbs. My answer was to check in the light bulb box that I keep in a closet. He said the box was empty. So I looked myself to see what was there.  I haven't bought a light bulb in about five years, but I really was sure I would find something. Well, there were light bulbs, but most of them were speciality bulbs. I didn't have any all purpose light bulbs. So, we went around the house to see exactly how many we needed.  

Moving through the house, we turned on every light to see if any bulbs were out. (I knew a few of them were, but I didn't know how many.) I really must show you some of what we found. This is the light in the family room.

This is the light in the master bathroom.

Here is the light in another bathroom.

Here is the light over the shower in the master bathroom. I knew this one didn't work. It hasn't worked in about four years.

I don't even know what kind of bulb it needs. I have lived in this house for 13 years and I never changed this bulb. I am going to have to get a ladder to get up there to see. (FYI - my husband knew this light didn't work too. But when all the other lights in the bathroom worked, he could see. Now that we are down to only one bulb working in the entire room, he can't see anymore as he is getting ready to go to work. Hence, the complaint that started this adventure.)

Here are the lights in the kitchen.

Sorry for the weird angle! If you look closely, you can see that one of the fan bulbs is missing. I believe that bulb broke about three years ago. The spotlights are over the work triangle stations. One for the refrigerator, one for the oven and the one that is out is over the cooktop.

The light in the laundry room is out too. That has been out for a few weeks now.  It is one light fixture that holds two bulbs. 

All totaled, we have 29 light bulbs out. I honestly didn't know we had that many out!  How could I know when I never turn the lights on?  My husband's comment was "Normal people don't live like this!" My comment back was,"Well, we do!" 

I guess a trip to the store is going to be necessary. I don't even know how much light bulbs cost anymore! I don't want the new kind with mercury in them - even though they use less electricity - I think they are dangerous. If purchasing all 29 at once is too expensive, I will have to ration myself and only buy enough so my husband can see while he is getting ready for work. Then, I will purchase a few more each week until we replace all of them.

Maybe I should ask Santa to bring me new light bulbs for Christmas


  1. Go for LED replacement bulbs - safer than compact fluorescent but also more expensive. Ultimately though, they will last longer and use WAY less power. We are switching over slowly but surely and started with lights that stay on a LOT - we can tell a difference in our electric bill too.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I will purchase a few today. I won't be able to purchase them all at once. Like you, I will need to switch over slowly because of the expense.

      I appreciate the comment!


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