Monday, December 2, 2013

Keeping Christmas Simple

Some of the stories I heard about shopping on black Friday made me very sad. Shootings, stabbings, and lots of fist fights is not the way to be thankful for all that you have! Let me state here and now that things don't make you happy! 

I don't understand why people don't realize this. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men is the motto of the season. People forget that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday, not ours. Keep the gifts to a minimum this year! Instead, find a community service project that your family can do together. Work at a food bank, donate items to Goodwill, or maybe visit a nursing home. All of these (and many other acts of giving) is what will bring you joy this Christmas!

To give you some additional ideas on how you can keep the joy of the season in your heart this year, I have listed some websites with additional ideas that may help:

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Start a new tradition and take the money out of Christmas this year! I bet you will have less stress and much more joy in your heart! 

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