Monday, October 29, 2012

Is That Food Still Safe to Eat?

Have you ever wondered what the answer is to the following questions:
  • The olive oil has turned cloudy: Is it still OK?
  • Are eggs still safe after the expiration date?
  • Is it safe to leave canned food leftovers in the can?
  • Is raw ground beef OK if it is turning brown?
  • Can you safely reuse marinade?
  • Do spices ever go bad?
  • Is bottled water safe to drink after the expiration date?

I found this really cool web site called Still Tasty that is dedicated to answering questions on food safety. It gives guidance on how to store all kinds of food, answers specific questions like the ones above and has blog entries too! 

There is even an iPhone App so you can check out the site while you are in the grocery store!

The site has a search feature if you are looking for information on a specific food item.  You can also use the buttons across the top of the page to help you get the type of information you want.

With food prices as high as they are, we all need to get the most value possible out of the money we spend on food. I now have this site in my Favorites folder!

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