Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I am always amazed at how big hurricanes can get.  I recall some pictures of other hurricanes filling the entire Gulf of Mexico.  Sandy was a big one too.  The news said it was between 900 and 1000 miles wide. That means that one storm can affect a lot of people. I believe this one affected about 25 % of the population of the USA.

Our prayers go out to all those who have suffered losses in this hurricane. People lost their loved ones, homes, cars and jobs.

However, one of the ways we can help mitigate our own suffering when events like this happen is to be prepared. Put together a 72 hour kit, keep some food storage in your house as well as water storage. (Most people don't have running water if they don't have electricity.) Have a few methods of cooking without electricity ready so you can eat the foods that you have stored. 

These simple steps can help you keep a sense of normalcy as you try to deal with the damage - whatever it may be. You will never know when you need it, be prepared!

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