Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cleaning Your House With Just Water

Is it possible to clean your home with just water and keep it germ free?  According to the company Norwex it is. I was introduced to this company early this summer when I was invited to a party (like a Tupperware party).  This is a global company with independent consultants all over the world. It specializes in products to help you clean your home without harsh chemical cleaners. To that end, they sell cleaning cloths (and other things) that clean and eliminate germs with just water.

I was way too busy with work to attend the party, but my friend left me a catalog and told me what the most popular items were. After looking through the catalog, I decided to order a few things.  Here is a list of what I ordered.  The links below are to the product descriptions in English for the United States.
  • Dryer Balls:These are placed in the dryer with the laundry.  They help to lift and soften the laundry and also help to eliminate static cling without dryer sheets of fabric softener.  Here is a link to what they look like: Dryer Balls
  • Three Microfiber Cloths:  These cloths clean without any chemical cleaner product of any kind. Here is the page that shows what I bought: Microfiber Cloths
    • Window Cloth: This works on windows, mirrors, faucets or anything else that shines.
    • Enviro Cloth: My friend told me that the consultant at the party put chicken juice on the counter and then did some kind of test for germs to show that they were present. Then, the consultant used the enviro cloth (I believe it was damp with water)  to wipe up the chicken juice. She tested for germs again after cleaning with the enviro cloth and no germs were present.
    • Large Enviro Cloth: My goal for purchasing this one was to make sure I didn't have to wash the cloths every day after using them.  I wanted one extra.
After using these products all summer long, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on using them and how they work. I'll start with my most favorite purchase: the dryer balls!  These things are great! They separate the clothes while drying and leave the clothes really soft!  Now, I only use the dryer on a seasonal basis.  In the summer, clothes don't dry quickly here in the south without using the dryer. (Because of restrictions, I can't put my clothes outside on a clothes line.) In the winter, I use drying racks in the house and only use the dryer for items that must be dried quickly. Under those circumstances, the dryer balls work great! One of their best features are little spikes to help lift the clothes and dry them faster. I've never seen the spikes on the dryer balls you can purchase in the big box stores.

I also like the enviro cloths. They do clean well with just water. I use them on the kitchen counters, kitchen and dining room tables as well as the bathroom counters and faucets (I haven't use them on the toilet yet). The window cloth really does get mirrors and windows clean. The cloths are easy to use and easy to clean.  I am impressed with the company and the products I purchased.

Really, the only downfall I can see about these products is their price.  I applaud the company's goal of cleaning chemical free, but I don't think this is the most frugal way to do it. So, I have decided to save the enviro cloths for special cleaning projects and not use them in my day to day cleaning.  This way I can make them last longer and I won't have to replace them as quickly.

If cleaning your home without harsh chemicals is something you are striving for, checkout this company. You may just find something that could help you move away from using chemical cleaning products.  You can also read some of my previous posts on how to clean your home with vinegar and baking soda here.  Using vinegar and baking soda to clean your home will help you eliminate harsh chemical cleaners and save you money too!

Full Disclosure:  I don't get any compensation from this company.  I am just a customer.  My consultant told me everything I bought has a warranty so Norwex guarantees their products will not fall apart on you!

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