Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

For those around the world who might not be aware, today, the 4th of July is American Independence Day. It's a special holiday that we consider the birth day of our nation. For my friends and readers in America, today is a day we should all remember for the values that made this country great.  Values like hard work, loyalty to family, faithful service to God, self reliance, self sacrifice and thrift - which to me means being good stewards of our resources (especially our finances).

Unfortunately, many of these values are missing from some of society today.  We need to fight to get them back.  I love this quote from my church's website:

Our commission to save the Constitution is, like salvation, a continuing task, and Church leaders have pointed out the tools available: analysis of constitutional principles, personal study of the history of our nation, reading the Constitution to children at home and in schools, teaching them self-sacrifice—the principle that makes freedom possible—teaching them their obligations as mature citizens, recognizing and resisting ideologies that threaten constitutional principles, and developing loyalty to principle rather than to men or parties.

So as you go about today's activities, don't forget the values and principles the founding fathers fought for and bequeathed to us. Commit to do your best to both live by those values and to pass them on to your family, friends, neighbors and the rest of your community. Be a leader in both actions and deeds. While you're at it, say a prayer for all of those who have fought and sacrificed to make America the great country that it is!

Happy Birthday America!

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