Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Links to a Few Other Gardening Articles I Wrote

The last two weeks in July, I wrote three gardening articles for another web site, The SurvivalistBlog.net. The SurvivalistBlog.net is a preparedness web site that has lots of good information on how to be prepared for emergencies. (While I also cover preparing for emergencies, MD Creekmore's site is devoted 100% to preparing for all types of emergencies.)

He sponsors a writing contest and encourages others to write articles for his site. As a guest writer, I entered his contest with my three gardening articles as my entries.  And the surprise of all surprises is I won!

I will write reviews of some of the prizes I won in the month of September. Today, I would like to provide you the opportunity to read the articles.  Here were my entries:


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