Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Am Finally Back!

Well, I did miss the July deadline that I set for myself, but I am back now!  I expect to post twice a week or so for the rest of the year and hopefully more next year.  I will continue to post on living a frugal life, trying to minimize the use of electricity as part of daily living, and highlighting the ways of the past to work towards the future - with highlighting a church video every now and then.  I am also working on a 'new' look for the blog and I expect to have that ready by the end of the month.  

Let me talk a bit about what I was doing for all this time. I was involved with a project that had a lot of scope creep and my help was really needed. For the most part, I have been working this way for almost two years. I found myself working many 80 hour weeks!  Let me tell you that is very difficult for someone who is getting older (aren't we all!)  I am exhausted!
I have also lost some family members over the past 18 months (this too, is part of life!) Two of them were cousins (one first cousin,once removed and one second cousin) as well as my mother-in-law and younger brother.  This really makes you think about how short and precious life is and how it should be spent with those you love doing the things you want to do instead of always working.

Having said that, I can add that I have missed living life the way I want.  I like to make or grow what I need. It is not possible to do that when you work 80 hour weeks.  It requires the assistance of electricity and the convenience of the grocery store to make it work. Both of those are incompatible with my DNA!

I can honestly tell you that I am very glad these past two years are over! It does give me even more respect for those of you who can't stop working or switch to part time.  I hope I can give more hints and tips to help those of you who find it difficult to set aside a spare minute too!


  1. Welcome Back! Looking forward to again receiving your posts. Have learned a lot in the past.


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