Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Garden Work Continues...

I really do love my garden, but I will be happy when I can take a break and just watch stuff grow for a while! I have been working quite steadily at it, but alas it still isn't done yet! Here is an update:

Some of the peanuts are up. Here is a picture.

These are Spanish peanuts. They are doing well. The Virginia Jumbo had to be replanted. They were eaten. Mister Chipmunk managed to pop the mouse trap without getting hurt and ate all the peanut butter on it. Then, he proceeded to eat every Virginia Jumbo seed I planted! We need to think of another way to rid us of this creature. 

The green beans I planted are up too. 

Now I need to move the raised beds that will hold the other half of this year's crop. That is on the list to do next.

In preparation of moving the raised bed, I harvested both carrots and peas that were growing in the old bed! Not many mind you, but anything is better than nothing. These were the replants I planted so late in March. I really didn't expect to get a harvest at all! There were not enough for canning so they went into the freezer.

I put up the rain barrels for the summer. 

The only thing I must do now is find the hose that hooks them together. I put it away last fall in a ''special spot' (so it wouldn't be misplaced) and now I can't find it! I still want another rain barrel. Because I won't pay retail price for another one, I must wait until I can find something that will work.

Most of the herbs are planted too! I only have the parsley and tobacco left. Well, plus one pink flower and the new woad I started from seed.

I harvested the garlic too. I am very pleased with the garlic this year. Some of it was left over fresh garlic from the store. (I planted what I didn't use.) Some of it I bought from a seed catalog company. I am going to save some of the cloves to plant this fall. The crop is stable enough now that I won't need to purchase any more garlic cloves to plant.

Onions are still in the ground. They should be ready by the end of the month. Then I will plant the squash in their place. 

To help with the crop rotation next spring, I think I am going to build another raised bed on the other side of the yard. That should leave at least one bed available at all times, and I won't have to skip any crop (or plant it late) because I don't have room for it.

The tomatoes and peppers are growing well. Although, nothing interesting to see yet.

Here is a picture of some of the corn. I am quite excited to be growing popcorn this year. I can't wait to eat it!

I am really looking forward to harvesting all of my summer crops this year!


  1. Wow, the garlic looks great!!!
    Are you going to smoke the tobacco you grow?

    1. Thank you for your comments on the garlic! I can't wait to eat some. I really didn't think garlic from the grocery store would do so well!

      The tobacco is used to make insecticide. I spray it on my houseplants when they come back inside for the winter.

      I don't smoke, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the lovely flowers tobacco makes each August and September. I also enjoy the scent of the leaves. I will never be without some!


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