Friday, June 13, 2014

Cooking With Food Storage: Pineapple Angle Food Cake

Wow! Was this an easy cake to make! To top it off, it is a Weight Watchers recipe! It is a wonderful light cake - perfect for summer barbecues! Here is the original.

It took all of 30 seconds to make. No joke! Then you bake it for 35 minutes. Even better - it only has two ingredients!

Pineapple Angle Food Cake
One box of Angle Food Cake mix
One 20 ounce can of crushed Pineapple. (I used one with no sugar added.)

Granted, I used a packaged product, (I do have a recipe for an angle food cake using whole wheat flour) but I purchased this last winter at a buy one, get one free sale. The directions for making this cake can be summarized into three words: pour, mix, bake.

Empty the box of angle food cake in a bowl. Pour in the entire can of pineapple, juice and all. 

Stir just enough to moisten the cake mix, no more. Mine took 20 seconds. Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan. I started with a slightly smaller pan and when I put it in the oven, it started to rise so much that I had to remove it and pour it into a larger pan. While I was doing that, I was eating the leftovers from the bottom of the bowl and forgot to take a picture! 

So here is a picture of it in the larger pan, in the oven. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.

One of the reasons this post was published so late in the day is because I wanted to bake this in the Sun Oven. I set the oven outside at about 10:00 a.m., hoping I could preheat it to at least 300. It was scheduled for thunderstorms all day and up until it rained, it was partly cloudy. The clouds were light and I was sure the oven would heat up. Unfortunately, it didn't. I couldn't get it to go above 250 degrees. Not hot enough to bake an angle food cake. So late this afternoon, I gave up and put it in the oven. 

35 minutes later, the cake was done. However, the top of my cake looks like the face of the moon with lots of craters and hills/valleys. 

This is because I baked it for about 10 minutes in a smaller pan, then switched to the larger pan you see here. Next time, (and there will be a next time - I am going to bake this again the next sunny day we have!) I will use an angle food cake pan. Mine was raising nicely in the oven but while it was cooling, collapsed a bit. I believe, if I used an angle food cake pan and turned it upside down to cool, this would not have happened.

Still, it tasted heavenly! While it was baking, I made an icing to drizzle over it. I didn't use a recipe, just added everything to taste. I used water, powdered sugar, powdered milk and a touch of cream cheese.

I am going to bring one to my next church social!


  1. Like you we purchased cake mix on sale. It was the same deal BOGO but it was Pillsbury brand. In fact we got a ton of them. I put up most of it in quart jars and used our Food Saver with the wide mouth jar attachment to seal the jars. We eat cake maybe once every couple of months so we basically have enough to last the rest of our lives. I even learned how to make icing from scratch.

    1. Dan,

      What a great deal! I think when it is BOGO, it is cheaper NOT to make it from scratch!

  2. I have made this before and it is great and oh so easy. I have even made it using the canned pie filling. we really like the berry pie filling for this and you make the cake the same way as for the pineapple way.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I am going to have to try that!!


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