Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Been a Busy Gardening Week!

And there still is a lot more to do!

I have been quite busy this week updating the garden. I finished the asparagus bed for the year. Some of the asparagus are starting to flower! I put in the new strawberries and planted the popcorn. I am currently working on the peanuts and they should be planted before the week is over. Here is a picture of my new garden beds. The blueberries are at the top of the picture (doing well after the harsh winter) then the asparagus, new strawberries and the empty looking bed at the bottom is the popcorn.

To take this picture, I had to stand in the peanut bed. Since I haven't planted the peanuts yet, this wasn't a problem. Small plots of corn like mine, need to be 'hilled up' as it grows so the corn won't fall over when it is tall. That is why the raised bed isn't completely filled with dirt yet. I will continue to add dirt as the corn grows.

I also haven't planted the new grapes. They are waiting their turn on my patio. They should be planted before the end of the week as well.

I did plant some of the herbs: lavender, thyme, basil, and sage are in the ground. All grown from seed. The rosemary, oregano and pennyroyal survived the winter and are doing fine! Many more herbs to plant, but I am not sure if I will get them in this week.

I took a break yesterday to sit in the shade a bit and transplanted two of my largest poinsettia plants. I have a few more that need to be transplanted, but there isn't any rush on doing it. They can wait. The empty bench is for my orchids. They always spend the summer outside. They will go outside on Thursday after they are watered and fed. 

While the tomatoes are also waiting their turn to get planted, I did get the peppers in! 

Peppers like the heat, so I plant them in grow boxes. I just finished this one before I took the picture. It will be moved to the patio to spend the summer. These peppers were grown from seed I saved last year. The seed was from a hybrid plant. Don't believe all the stories you hear about not being able to save seed from hybrid plants. It isn't true! It is just that the seed from the hybrid will not grow true to its parent. It will end up being more like one of its grandparents. So, I must keep my eye on these pepper plants, they will not be disease resistant like their parents were. At the first sign of disease, I must treat them if I expect a good crop. Hopefully, disease won't be an issue this year.

Well, the garden won't get planted by itself, so back to work I go!


  1. What is the black pipe sticking out of the pepper planter?? Had to ask, I'm always on the look out for garden tips:)

    1. This is a hand-me-down box from my cousin. She always call it a 'grow box'! The black pipe is to water the plants from the bottom. (Think like watering African Violets.) Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't.

      You have a good eye to spot it! Thanks for asking!


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