Monday, March 31, 2014

Pay Down Your Debt (Almost) Painlessly

Many of my family members are accomplished authors. A few have books published. Another one used to work for a regionally known magazine. Two are currently working on new books! (A note to both Gloria and Nancy, I can't wait for your new books!) Nancy has also been writing online articles. So it is with great pride that I offer a link to her recent article, Pay Down Your Debt (Almost) Painlessly.

I would like to add my comment that once you change your lifestyle, these behaviors will become 'normal' to you. When that happens, you will no longer consider them 'painful'! Take it from me! Being frugal was not a 'normal' condition for me or my husband when we first were married. Not that we were ever irresponsible with money, but I bought convenience. Both of us were in the Army and I didn't have the time to do the things I do now to live a frugal lifestyle. I have since learned that back then,  I could have been doing small behavior changes to save money. Even a few changes would have made a difference. A busy lifestyle isn't an excuse to waste money!

Anyone can be more frugal with small behavior changes. When they become routine, add new ones! Soon, you will find that your behavior changes are permanent and you have extra money to pay down your debt, save for an emergency fund, or even take a vacation!

Congratulations Nancy on your published article!

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