Friday, March 21, 2014

Hooray for the First Day of Spring!

I wasn't sure it would ever come with the snow days we had this winter! I am really glad it is here. It makes me think about my love for gardening. (It is very rewarding to grow and can or dry your own food!) So, I thought I would show you what my garden is doing this spring. 

I have been blessed with peas and broccoli, so far. No carrots or spinach yet. The spinach seeds were old so they may not come up. This really isn't a problem since spinach is such a quick grower. If I don't see something soon, I will replant with new seeds. The carrots are being as finicky as ever! I bought some new non-nantes type seeds this year but haven't planted them yet. I am going to do that next week.

My summer seeds are looking good!

Not all have made an appearance. I took this picture yesterday but since then, both the pepper and lavender have popped their heads up. (The pepper seeds were ones I saved from my plants last year. Not sure what exactly what will happen with them since the plants last year were hybrids I will definitely let you know how they turn out. If they have a lot of disease problems or other issues, I will purchase new seeds and start over.) I don't have an appearance yet from the parsley, pennyroyal, tarragon or oregano. I purchased those seeds since all my herbs died during the harsh winter this year.

My garlic is looking much better with the warm air and sunshine. I was not sure they were going to make it through the snowstorms! Here is a picture. 

The space in the back was replanted with new onions. I planted vidalia onions last fall but replaced them with a day neutral variety called Candy a few days ago. It performs very well here. It is a hybrid, so saving seed may not be successful. However, the last time I grew Candy, I got one all the way to the flowering stage. It died before it set seeds (Probably from the heat.)  I will try again this year! I also managed to plant a few rows of some red onion sets I grew from seed last year.

Next up is planting the asparagus! I am going to put them in my old strawberry bed . The strawberries have been there for 4 years and need to come out. I will make a new home for new strawberries sometime later in April. Not sure yet where I am going to put them! Of course, I will show you when it is done!

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