Monday, July 1, 2013

Does Your Water Bill Go Up in the Summer?

Summer and water go together. Much more so than in any other season. Now this post isn't about going to the beach to enjoy the water, it's about how you use water around your house in the summer. Do you have a garden? That can have a huge impact on your use of water! What about a pool? It doesn't have to be a 30,000 gallon built-in pool to put a dent in your water bill. Even kiddie pools can use a significant amount of water if you fill them every other day or so.

What can you do? I don't advocate skipping the summer fun or forgoing a garden. Instead, I am suggesting we all try to be a bit more frugal in our use of water elsewhere around the house. I found a website from the State of Virginia (Loudoun County) that has some ideas on how to save water around your home. Not only are these good ideas in the summer, but they can save water (and more importantly money) the rest of the year as well!

If you happen to have a well instead of county or city water, you are very fortunate! I wish I had one! However, I have relatives who have a well and they are constantly thinking about how much water they use so the well doesn't run dry. These ideas are appropriate for those with wells too! Most of the ideas are not new, but sometimes we need a refresher to get us back in the habit of living frugally.

100 Ways to Save Water

In addition to the ideas mentioned on this website, a rainwater collection system can play a significant role in keeping your water bill down during the summer. It is so rewarding to be able to pull water from the barrels and not have to use county water to keep the garden growing. Installing a rain barrel is simple to do. You can read about how to install one here.

There is no reason why you can't have fun this summer and still keep the costs down if you try to make frugal living part of your everyday life!

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