Monday, February 11, 2013

Give Your Clothes Dryer Some Time Off!

I really don't like to use my dryer. You can double my dislike in the winter. I don't purchase dryer sheets (I do have dryer fluff balls) and when removing the clothes from the dryer, they are full of static this time of year. What is the solution? Don't use the dryer! Here are a few benefits of giving your dryer some time off:

  • You will save money. In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit in forgoing the dryer. There is a significant difference in my electric bill between the months I use the dryer and the months I don't. (Your mileage may vary if you have a gas dryer.)
  • It will make your house warmer. Dry your clothes inside the house, and you will add moisture to the air. This will raise the humidity and make the environment in your house feel warmer and more comfortable. You won't get as many static shocks when you walk across the rugs either!
  • Your clothes will last longer. All that lint your dryer produces, isn't good for your clothes. What is lint? It is the breakdown of the clothing fibers. While you can do some creative things with the lint your dryer produces, your clothes will be better off without it.
  • It will help reduce allergens. If you have allergy problems, you can greatly reduce your exposure to pollen by drying your clothes indoors. While I am not opposed to drying clothes outdoors on a clothes line, many neighborhood associations forbid it (including mine). In addition, any sensitivities to the chemicals in dryer sheets can be eliminated when you air dry your laundry.
If you have a basement, you have a ready made area to hang a clothes line. However, not everybody does. I know someone who hangs her clothes on the back of her kitchen chairs. She lives in the southwest and the clothes dry very quickly there. Here in the southeast, our clothes don't dry as quickly, so I need another solution. I use drying racks. I set them up at night so they are not in the way. By morning, the clothes are dry. Here is a picture of mine.

 I usually put them in the family room. With a hot fire going in the fireplace, they can even dry in just a few hours! If you are interested, there are many places you can get drying racks. Google it and you should find lots of sources. 

Consider going non-electric and give your dryer some time off!

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