Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1 VERY Easy Way to Save Money!

This idea has got to be the easiest way to save money. While doing it only once will only save a few pennies, do it over years will save a lot! I originally wrote about this idea here, but since I created that post, I have made changes to save even more money.

If you use dish washing soap directly out of the bottle, you are wasting money. The manufactures make this soap so thick that you only need an amount equivalent to the size of a pea for a whole sink full of dishes! But how many of us use just a pea size amount? I know I don't. So rather than try to ration the amount I use, I did the opposite and reduced the thickness of the soap.

I have done this for years! However, in the past year or so have I reduced it further. 

So, lets get started! I am going to use a new soap dispensing bottle that I made at a craft event we had at our church this past Saturday. The bottle was purchased from Hobby Lobby and I etched the words 'dish soap' onto it using letter stencils.

Now, fill the bottle 1/4 of the way up with the soap.

Fill the rest of the bottle up with water.

This will make that soap bottle go four times as long! That means you will need to purchase 3 less bottles before you run out! In the original post mentioned above, I was using a 50% soap/50% water solution. For the past year, I have been using a 25% soap/75% water solution. I can honestly say, I do not notice any different between the soap full strength, soap at 50% solution and the soap at a 25% solution. Not any difference at all!  And, I wash a lot of dishes by hand!

Best of all, this idea works with any liquid cleaning agent. Shampoo & conditioner, glass cleaner, you name it! Try it! It only takes a few seconds to do and will stretch your hard earned dollars even further!

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