Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Garden Harvest Time!

Boy, am I tired! The Emergency Preparedness Fair was a success, we had lots of visitors! I heard quite a few people say that they got new ideas from the Fair. I will post more about the Fair on Wednesday. I was too tired after church yesterday to write the post and today I had to work. However I did have some time this evening to go into the garden and pick these! I love Acorn squash!

I also managed to clear out the leftover squash debris to plant some carrots in their place. Carrots are planted in the bed where the corn grew as well. I must admit, carrots and I don't get along. They never grow well for me. However, I have planted new varieties this year  - and I planted them sooner than I normally do. I have big hopes for this Fall's crop!

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