Monday, July 7, 2014

The Garden Changes are Finished!

It took much longer than I wanted and much, much longer than I expected, but last week I finally got everything in the garden and all is growing. I am very glad because I start a new work project this week! Here is a recap.

The blueberries are slowly ripening! I am going out today to pick some more.

The peanuts are flowering.

The corn is quite tall!

Tomatoes always do well and tend to not need any help from me. Except of course, water. They are in pots and do require lots of watering. 

The first green beans I planted are flowering. They had been bothered by both bugs and a bunny rabbit eating the leaves. I sprayed them with chili pepper powder 'tea' mixed with a touch of soap and everything is leaving them alone now.

Just look at the difference between the top leaves and the bottom leaves! Really, there isn't any need to use harsh chemicals on your food production when a simple chili pepper powder spray works so well! The last of the green beans I planted are up now too.

I am sorry to say I am having a problem with fire blight on my apple trees this year and had to spray with a fungicide. I believe it is under control now. It hasn't rained in a week and the night time temperatures are in the 70's now so hopefully I won't have to spray for it again. You can see the fungicide on the apple in this picture

The tobacco is planted too. I have so much this year, I have it planted all over the front yard!

I also created new landscaping beds in the back yard to add more flowers and bushes. Nothing is planted there yet so I won't bore you with empty pictures.  I haven't decided what to plant yet. In the south, planting time for bushes, trees and other perennials is fall so I still have time to decide what to put there. I also won't bore you with additional posts of my garden this year. I do understand if you aren't into gardening, it can be boring to read about.

However, I will show you pictures of the harvest when it comes in!

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