Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh No! Snow AGAIN!!

Well, it isn't quite snow anymore. Yesterday it was snow, today it is freezing rain. This winter storm is supposed to give us 35 straight hours of freezing rain lasting all day today and into tomorrow. 

All the experts are telling us to expect to lose power - for days! Everyone is very nervous about losing power (if you believe the local news.) Well, if you have been reading this blog for a while, you know this won't bother me at all! My response to losing power is "Ho hum, so what!" Our only plan for power loss is to cut off the water so the pipes in the house don't freeze and burst. Also, my tropical orchids will need to be moved so they are closer to the fireplace for the heat.

Here is a picture of the snow from yesterday. The flakes were huge, even for this former New Yorker! I pointed the camera up to the sky and took this picture.

Today, it just looks like rain. However, it is freezing rain. When there is some additional accumulation, I will take a picture. The local news said it may be ice today and then tonight turn back to snow. Or it could be up to 1 inch of ice! Perfect for widespread power outages!

I will document what we do if we lose power and post about it when the power comes back on. In the meantime, I will clean the house today and maybe work on my winter coat! 

I bet I get lots of reading done in the next few days!

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