Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meyhem in Dixie! It Snowed!

I grew up in New York. I hated the cold then and I am not a fan of it now. I recall shoveling snow from Halloween to Easter when I was a child. When I moved to the south, I really didn't expect to ever see snow again! 

Well, for the third time in 13 years, I have been disappointed. 

Here is another picture a few hours later.

The problem with snow in the south is we don't have any snow plows. The snow must melt on its own. And, until it does - nothing happens. Schools are closed, stores are closed, all activities are canceled and everyone stays home! Since it has been so cold the past few weeks, I am not sure if this visit will be over quickly!

 In my household, I am not the only one who despises the snow!

This picture was taken when it first started snowing. Actually, I am amazed that I got her to step in it! She only stayed there a few seconds and then she made a mad dash back to the front door. Now, the grass is completely covered! If we didn't shovel her a pathway to the grass, she would bust her kidneys! Certainly a princess can't be expected to 'go' in the snow! This one won't!

It snowed all day! At times, it was coming down really hard! It didn't stop until after 8:00 p.m.

Personally, if I never see snow again it will be too soon.

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