Friday, November 15, 2013

Disassembling the Rain Water Collection System for Winter

One of the reasons I wanted a temporary rainwater collection system is because I don't need it all year round. I want the 'regular' gutters to work if it rains in the winter and early spring. So, a temporary system is more convenient for me because it is so flexible. I can change the location of the rain barrels if need be, or I can omit using them for a year if I decide I want to take a break from gardening. I am really pleased that my rainwater collection solution does just that!

I detached the rain barrels and downspout last week and it was a breeze to do. If you recall, here is what I set up for the summer.

I disconnected the barrels first. I drained out the water (into the garden) and then cleaned them. I used a long handle brush and cleaned both the inside of the barrel and the outside. They cleaned up easily. When they were dry, they went into the garage for the winter. 

I knew it would be a few days before I could get back outside to remove the temporary downspout. So in case of rain, I set up this system. It ended up not raining at all so it really wasn't needed.

Taking down the temporary downspout and replacing the original piece could not have been easier! It didn't take more than 15 minutes! I cut off the plastic straps that held the temporary downspout to the original and removed the screw holding it to the gutter on the house.

Then, I put the original piece back on (I stored that in the garage for the summer). All the pieces were a bit cold - it was chilly outside. I had to fiddle with them a bit to get them to fit correctly. I think that was because when I took them apart, it was hot outside. They were probably a bit more  flexible because of the heat. Anyway, it wasn't that hard to put back together and few minutes later, everything was done!

I think I am going to leave the blocks where they are for the winter. I don't see any reason to store them in the garage. Overall, I have to say I was really pleased with my collection of rain water this year. It saved a lot of money on our water bill this summer! The barrels paid for themselves before the summer was over! 

Next year, I am going to purchase a plain barrel and connect my own faucet. (I am on the look out for some barrels now.) That will be much cheaper than paying retail price for ready made rain barrels! I would like at least two more barrels for next year's garden. 

My goal is to reduce my water bill even more next year. That will go a long way to helping us meet our goal of living a frugal life!

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