Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fresh Tomato Sauce In Five Minutes without Electricity!

This post features one of my non-electric kitchen appliances, my Victorio Strainer. It is one of my favorites.

Whether making tomato sauce, or apple sauce this is a go-to-appliance I use all summer long! Today, I am going to use it to make tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. Let's start by emptying the contents of the box.

Setup only takes about a minute. There are some additional steps for first time users that you will not have to do on a routine basis. Get a bowl to hold the sauce and another one to hold the discards.

Now get the tomatoes. I picked these yesterday and washed them just before I started.

Cut up the larger tomatoes so they fit nicely into the mouth of the hopper. Unlike the picture on the box, it really works best if you don't overstuff the hopper. I only add a few at a time and then push them into the strainer with the plunger.

Turn the handle. Once the tomatoes feed into the strainer, the handle gets easier to turn. A few minutes later, you have sauce!

When I have processed all the fresh tomatoes, I usually send the discards through once more. You can get a lot more juice and pulp that way.

And you are done! Time from setup to completion was no more than five minutes! Fresh sauce that you can use for lots of different recipes! Mine is going into spaghetti sauce with meat that I will can for the winter.

The Victorio Food Strainer comes with the tomato/apple strainer. You can get other attachments such as a berry screen, pumpkin screen, grape spiral and a salsa screen. Using the appropriate screen for the food, you can make jams, jellies, pie filling, grape juice, salsa and more! All without electricity! Wow! How cool is that!

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