Friday, June 21, 2013

How Are You Coming Along on Your Frugal Journey?

All of us have ups and downs on our frugal journey, so the goal should be to continue looking for ways to spend less. Sometimes moving ahead is just a tiny step that saves a few pennies here and there and sometime it is a lifestyle change that creates a giant leap forward and saves a lot!

If you haven't experienced either in a while, may I suggest you try again! I found a blog post that talks about some common reasons your frugal journey may not be working for you right now. 

The topics spoke about in this blog post are not new ideas. Still,  it is always good to step back and remind yourself what your frugal goal is and refresh your commitment to this lifestyle.

One of the wonderful things a new day brings is the chance to start over! If you haven't been very frugal lately, tomorrow morning wake up to a renewed commitment to living frugally.

Or, better yet, do it today!

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